Managing projects abroad – are you ready?

person standing beside plants

After all, you didn’t become a project manager overnight. You have a variety of experience doing some or other part of this line of work

Are you still confident that this is the case?

You must be. Success in management is rare and a very bad manager thinks he knows everything.

Do you listen very carefully to all of the team?


You have one of five major areas of knowledge

– General packaging knowledge ( Foreman, Field Accounts , etc)

-Excavation Knowledge ( energiser grants )

– Brand

– completions

Are you cross referring cross functionality between individuals?

If you are responsible for completing separate checks then you are not very good at this and you put yourself at serious risk.

Do you talk to your team about you the manager?

You should be a role model of management skills. When you are not achieving target, then you should be making a list of all the possible improvements that could be made to the business and/or the system. When you are asking your team about the manager you are really asking for suggestions on how to improve the business or the system

If you are a project manager is the team member in the room able to give input on learning as their role?

There is a weird idea that you, the project manager, are the one in control, this is not the case

Other people are good at taking a little direction, they don’t expect to run a project the same way that you do, at the end of the day they are going to be completely different

Do you have all of the data that you need?

Ensure that you have these data at the beginning of all of your projects

Compare these to past deliverables

Agree deadlines so that you stick to the agreed time pace, it is better to make more time than coordinate failure

Who is doing the work on your projects?

If everybody has the same duties, expect to have the same tasks completed. Life is very easy in my view, if there are some duties that you carrying out each day, like the audit meetings which are very much your’s and yours alone. Other people who have the same roles like finance, head of IT, change control, health and safety, etc will be performing different part of the same job.

Do you have open and open lines of communication?

How many people are provided with agenda’s, minutes and agendas in such a way that all of the parties are aware of what is going on?

Who is present during weekly, monthly and all other regular update meetings?

The list goes on, but you need a forum and a platform where you and your fellow team can take appropriate corrective action when things have not been working to plan

Do you follow up on cases of underperformance?

Many managers say that they will never call a meeting on any of these issues, you have a legal obligation to do so, and you must do so positively

What are the skills in your organization about Harvard (the 4 management fads)?

Is there anybody in your organization who can impart to you a copy of these universal management motifs?

How interested are their peers in what you learn?

I am not a shareholder in any of these organisations, if anyone does ask, I will tell them that it was an executive I had to learn from

Do you feel that you are as well prepared for the job of project manager?

This is a radical thought, and needs to be thrown out with the rest of the “it’s too hard” school of thought.

You have to prepare yourself physically to be the best project manager that you can be, mentally you need to learn the underlying concepts of all of management disciplines.

Do you apply different mindsets to different situations depending on the type of engagement?This is a key area, and this requires attention.

Do you feel that you have a shot at being a highly successful project manager?

No, you need to learn everything you can about what you need to do personally, secondly you will have to master the technical tools to be the very best that you can be

Do you have any amount of objectivity in your ability to manage people and projects?

There are no limits to what you can learn and develop here, don’t strive to be the best here, sharpen up your business and management skills now. You can never be as good as you are now, but you can get pretty good quite quick

Do you have objectives for a meeting with your team members?

Are your reviews of the previous week/quarter/quarter/year/year/year taken?